First off. Welcome to my new page. I haven't been contributing to the VLU blog regularly since 2009, I guess work took over and there was a sudden rise of design blogs just posting the same stuff. Check here for updates and things I am getting into.

Jeremy Dunn and Slate Olsen of Rapha North America invited me to illustrate one of ten limited edition posters that celebrated the one hundredth edition of the Tour De France.

Broken down into 10 decades from 1903 to 2013, each work represented a specific era of the race. Calling on well-established illustrators and graphic designers from Europe and North America, the collection captures the diversity, beauty, suffering and cultural significance of cycling’s grandest race.

Alongside an exhibition of the 10 artworks at each of the Rapha Cycle Clubs throughout July, the designs were available as limited edition (100) prints from the website. They apparently sold out the first day.

Here are some pictures from the Tokyo Cycling club. Thanks to Lee Basford for the photos. Also, thanks to Jack Saunders one of the stellar designers at Rapha London.